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CJ Marsicano (CJマルシカノ)
17 July
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Date Created:2002-06-26
Number of Posts: 2,985

CJ Marsicano is a J-pop obsessed punk rocker.
Strengths: He's got a PowerBook and he's not afraid to use it.
Weaknesses: Morning Musume
Special Skills: **DATA CENSORED**
Weapons: Apple computers and Fender guitars.
Quotes: "To Do Is To Be" - Nietzsche "To Be Is To Do" - Kant "Do Be Do Be Do" - Sinatra

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All you need to know about me is in my journal.

Spring 1983 to Summer 1984 - Woodstock - lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
June 1985 to January 1987 - Fallacy - bass, vocals
September 1986 to Summer 1987 - Masquerade - bass, guitar, vocals
Summer 1987 to January 1988 - Premonition - bass, keyboard, vocals
February 1988 to May 1989 - Bigg Trouble - bass, vocals, drums
February 1988 and February 1989 - Fractured Youth (recording project only) - bass, guitar, drum machine, vocals
January 1990 - The Rabbit Hunters (recording project only) - keyboards, bass, drum machine, sample arrangements
January 1990 to June 1990 - Don't Ask - bass, vocals
Spring 1996 to October 1996 - Foxfire - bass, synthesiser, vocals
Summer 2000 - The Rabbit Hunters (recording project only) - keyboards, bass, guitar, drum machine, loops, sample arrangements
March 2001 to present day - solo recording project - all instruments

1984: untitled three-song demo, Woodstock (musician) [tapes missing]
1985: untitled four-song demo, Fallacy (musican, co-producer)
1986: "Alcohol", single-song demo, Masquerade (musician, producer, engineer)
1987: "On The Wheel", single-song demo, Premonition (producer, engineer)
1988: Tonight: Puppet Show And Premonition (recording of invite-only improv performance), Premonition (musician, recording engineer)
March Of The X, five-song demo, Fractured Youth (musician, co-producer, engineer)
1990: "Where The Dominating Force Is Sound", single-song demo, The Rabbit Hunters (musician, producer, engineer)
untitled two-song demo, Don't Ask (musician, producer, engineer)
untitled four-song demo, Without Warning (co-producer, engineer) [recorded but never mixed, tapes destroyed when band defaulted on bill]
2000: eponymous five-song demo CD-R, The Rabbit Hunters (musician, producer, engineer, mastering)
2002: WMX8 five-song CD EP, CJ Marsicano (musician, producer, engineer, mastering)
"Angel Song (The Celebration Of Life, Love, And The Successful Pursuit Of Both Remix" two-song maxi-single, CJ Marsicano (musician, producer, engineer, mastering)
2003: "Ichi" two-song maxi-single, CJ Marsicano (musician, producer, engineer, mastering)
"San" two song maxi-single, CJ Marsicano (musician, producer, arranger, mastering) [now finished!]
2004: Escape From Babylon album, CJ Marsicano (musician, producer, arranger, mastering) [currently shelved]
2005: Birth Control four-song EP, CJ Marsicano (musician, producer, arranger, mastering) [project shelved]
The Ambient EP four-song EP, CJ Marsicano (musician, producer, arranger, mastering) [project shelved]
2007: Ichi Plus Five compilation LP, CJ Marsicano (musician, producer, arranger, mastering) - "Ichi"/"Ni" and "San"/"Shi" singles plus tracks from unfinished Birth Control and The Ambient EP projects.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown/black
Shoe Size: 11.5
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Sign: Goat
Siblings: No natural siblings
Occupation: administrative head by day (and hating it by the minute), musican and writer by night
Marital Status: Serious relationship with tara_pa
Favorite Color: black
Favorite Foods: sushi
Favorite Beverages: Coke and green tea
Favorite Movie: A Hard Day's Night
Favorite Books/Author: anything by Henry Rollins
Favorite Music: All things punk, J-Pop, techno and r&b, some things rock, many things classical
Favorite Singer: Yui Horie (堀江由衣)
Favorite Band: Black Flag, TLC, Whiteberry, Morning Musume (モーニング娘。), MiniMoni (ミニモニ。)
Favorite Smells: I unfortunately do not possess a working sense of smell.
Worst Fear: no comment
Spiritual Beliefs: Agnostic
Political Beliefs: Progressive
Pet Peeves:
Pets: None
Quote: "Believe in yourself. The rest is up to me and you." -- Lisa Nicole Lopes (5.29.71-4.25.02)

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Icon credits unable to be fit with the icons themselves: Mika Todd icon with the quote from MiniMoni's "Crazy About You", the Morning Musume "Marsicano Harem" icon, and the Mike Watt & The Secondmen icon are all by the lovely and talented Elizabeth Carlie, aka strutterms. 度もありが炉!(Domo agriato!) If I missed your name on an icon, let me know and I'll give the proper credit here.
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Mood icon credits: Morning Musume by twissie

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