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A few catch-up randoms

* This is a bit late in being posted in my end, but Tara and I secured a nice apartment a couple of weeks ago. The rent is quite reasonable and everything but cable, power and phone are included. We've been looking at furniture whenever we can since then.

* I'm still working on my writing (how could I not?). While I work on the novel, I've also taken the plunge into ScriptFrenzy, and I've already got over half the required minimum pages done for it; the source material is a currently-unfinished short story (I already know how the damn story's going to end anyway).

* Day Job has been dull. Bossman is still an idiot.

* Those of you that follow my music blog already know how I feel about the new Morning Musume album. ;) I need to bang a couple more reviews out of the way this week and get ready for my 4th blogging anniversary on the 11th.

* It looks like it's going to be a bastard of an allergy season this year, compared to last year when I got through pretty much unscathed. I had to cave in and get a box of Claritin-D today (something I didn't have to do last year until May) and between you and me, I hate having to go through all the hurdles that state and federal law makes one go through just to get a box of OTC medicine that actually fucking works!

* My uncle Joe, who is going to be my best man at the wedding, is in the hospital right now and has been since last Thursday night, after he'd taken three mini-strokes. Joseph Marsicano is a tough mofo - he still went to work at his office after that first mini-stroke! He rarely if ever gets ill, but when he does... oy vey! He's got an infection of his mitral valve (a seemingly genetic condition amongst his side of the family, as my mother had to have a valve replacement in 2003 and my grandmother [their mother] had one twenty-some years before.) The extent of the treatment isn't entirely known yet - most likely some sort of surgery - but since the rest of his ticker is fine we can all breathe easy a little. Complicating all of this, though, is an infection on his elbow that he's been dealing with for awhile and they need to take care of that first, and the doctors at the hospital were also looking to So, he won't be getting that valve taken care of right away, but it won't kill him and I'm thinking that he might postpone the operation until after my wedding. We shall see.

* Guitar practice: I'm trying not to slack off on the instrument. I kinda switched back to the Dunlop nylon 1mm picks. The Dunlop Jazz III's, which with their sharper pointed tips are great for intricate lead/solo picking, aren't that good for the way I play rhythm because of their smaller size, even though they're thicker and stiffer than the nylon 1mm's. Supposedly Dunlop has a larger variant of the Jazz III which is a more standard pick size, but I haven't located them yet outside of maybe Dunlop's own website.


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