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A few interesting times lately. The other day Tara and I had an impromptu dinner date (OK, most of them seem to be impromptu lately but fuck it) followed by a stop at the library and a trip to Wal-Mart where, in the process, I broke down, said fuck it and bought the new Kiss album. Tara picked up a box set of the Harry Potter DVDs and I forget what else, and I only really mention this because I had handed the Kiss CD to her to hold onto while I grabbed drinks for us. She looked at the CD and asked me something to the effect of "Why did you buy an album of old stuff?" I said "It's not, it's their new album that came out yesterday." Tara: "Oh my god, these guys must be 100 years old by now." Ah, Tara... one of these days our future kids are going to go through their daddy's music, find his old Kiss albums and his Morning Musume and Stooges CDs and think/realize that this is some of the coolest shit ever. I mean, jeez, look how many kids less than half my age are wearing Led Zeppelin and Kiss and Misfits shirts. Hell, look at the one time several years ago when I was walking down the street, a bunch of kids who had to stopped me on the sidewalk to tell me how "cool" my Clash shirt (cover of their first album) was - kids who weren't even conceived when that first Clash album was recorded! 

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to New Jersey to hang out with some friends of ours (much of the same crew that we hang with at New Year's, concerts, Memorial Day, and elsewhere) on the occasion of one of their birthdays. The whole day was planned for bowling, a Japanese hibachi dinner, and a showing of Paranormal Activity. Tara and I left around 1 and chose to not rush to the bowling alley, letting us buy some time before the dinner. A good thing, because we had a bastard of a time trying to find the restaurant, even with a GPS - we couldn't find the restaurant  in the GPS's listings, so I had to text traciebee  and get some help finding where the restaurant was from where we had stopped. Once that was straightened out, we got there just in time to meet everyone else at the restaurant, all of whom were pulling in around the same time! Always good to see the old gang again.

Now, although there are three restaurants in mine and Tara's area that have Hibachi's, I have never eaten at the hibachi part in any of them, strangely enough. Also, the only other time I was in a hibachi was in 1978, at a place in Providence, Rhode Island. The restaurant was Imperial 46 in West Paterson, NJ and let me say, the food itself was worth the drive. I had hibachi-style salmon and folks, I think this is the only way I want my salmon from now on. The place does not serve alcohol, but there is a liquor store in the same shopping center as this restaurant so a couple of the crew picked up some things (sake, beer, and Captain Morgan rum). Alberto, the birthday boy, proceeded to get slowly crocked. Not as bad as Tara when she overdid it on New Years Eve, but crocked enough to cause at least some concern. Fortunately he was NOT driving (his girlfriend was) and he was still walking upright and speaking relatively lucidly. When the check came, we all started to divvy up the check evenly until one of the crew, John, took the check, pulled out his credit card, and told Tracie to give everyone else their money back! We tried to compensate him and he refused. 

Finally, we all headed for the AMC Clifton Commons to see Paranormal Activity. At least, that was the plan. First, we had trouble finding a parking place but managed to after about 20 minutes or so. Tara and I go to the front of the theatre to wait for everyone else. As we are making our way over there, I am noticing quite a few out-of-state plates (Maryland, Virginia). A few minutes later, we meet up and start to go inside and head for one of the automated ticket machines. Unfortunately for everyone, every showing except for the 12:10 AM showing was sold the fuck out. There is some debate as to what to do next but one general conclusion is that seeing the movie so late is not such a good idea, especially with at least two people (me and Tara) who still have a drive ahead of them! I was reminded of when my then-girlfriend and I attempted to see The Blair Witch Project on its opening night on what was my last night in Calgary, only even the midnight showings were sold out! Granted, there is quite a bit of hype about this movie and it isn't even in wide release yet, which no doubt accounts for the out-of-state plates and the difficulty in finding a place to park - which should have been our first two clues as to how much of a hard time we'd all have seeing this movie.

In a somewhat nostalgic mood, I've pulled out most of my old Kiss albums (everything from Hotter Than Hell to Creatures of the Night - I never owned the first album on vinyl, and all of my pre-Dynasty albums are with the "Filmworks") as background music while I work on this manuscript. Typing this journal entry was just the finger warm-up! 


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