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 I made a little progress on the manuscript this week. Sadly, not much, but I'm still on a roll of sorts. Last night I was too tired to write anything after hanging out with Tara and doing some birthday shopping for my mother ('twas LVP's birthday on the 5th), and really didn't feel like it today either. Tomorrow and Monday I'll get a bunch more in. 

What really killed me this week for writing was Sunday. My dipshit boss wanted me and LVP to hang out with him at Best Buy while he looked for a 52" TV for his newly furnished basement. He didn't get much from me - I was bored shitless and growing disgusted with the fact that I had to have my time wasted there. Even more disgustingly, he was convinced that the clerks he was dealing with were all out to rip him off by trying to sell him an HDMI cable (never mind that without this cable, you won't get a high-definition-quality picture and sound). Stubborn and stupid - that's what I have to put up with five days a week! The punchline? He didn't buy the TV there - he bought it at Boscov's for $100 less - and the dimrod who sold it to him didn't mention an HDMI cable at all. And he wonders why he was complaining the rest of the week about how "the picture isn't as good as they say"? Dumbass. 

Today (Labor Day eve) Tara and I (and for awhile, LVP) were at her sister Tiffany's place for a cookout. It was OK, save for one disaster caused by their dog Toby. At one point he was trailing a harness that he had been hooked up to, and somehow the harness got caught around the metal picnic table that Tara and I were sitting on the opposite side of. Toby is a huge dog, so once the harness wrapped itself around the table's opposite legs, Toby proceeded (unknowingly, because he's a dog) to drive the fucking table into my knees! That stung for quite a few minutes. Thankfully, no damage done - not immediate damage, but with the occasional time when my knees feel like they're going to give out when I'm climbing steps, its certainly not going to improve their present condition - my knees hate me sometimes to begin with! More tomorrow night, I'm going to rack.


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