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Aug. 27th, 2009

I'm a little behind on the manuscript... the last couple of days I was kinda tired, last night especially so because Tara and I went, impromptu, to a fair in Girard, PA (about an hour away and in a different area code), and walked around, occasionally eating and checking other things out, for about an hour and a half at least. By the time we walked back to my car, my feet were aching a little, and as a result I came home, checked out e-mail, Facebook and MySpace, then grabbed my iPod and relaxed a little listening to Mike Hale's first solo album - and passed out in the middle of it. Tonight I rewrote a scene that was bugging me - this scene had been in the book since about the first month or so of work, and as the story progressed, it became clear that a rewrite was needed. I had pegged the scene for a rewrite back in January or February when I started going through what I had written up to that point, but apparently needed to get a lot of story out of me before I could tackle that scene all over again. Now, there's one other major scene I need to finish/overhaul for an earlier part of the manuscript that really needs to be gotten out of the way, and a few more to write. I am a couple of hundred words away from the 175,000-word mark.

The music intake has been increasing a lot lately. Heard Shohen Knife's new album (excellent), Queen Latifah's new album (jury's still out), Ace Frehley's new single (great), AKB48's new single (great), Buono!'s new single (great), and Flyleaf's new single (no verdict yet). Played a couple of things I haven't listened to in ages as well. Need to get a couple of these things written about for TGML as well.


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