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Jun. 28th, 2009

Writing got a little slow Friday night. Did a little on the novel, got stuck, took a little trip through some of my other writings and progress, and came across one of my short stories that hasn't had its climax and ending written yet. That'll be the next thing I work on after I finish the novel, or maybe the thing to work on a little if I get stuck on the novel. We'll see. I got a little more work on the novel tonight. Tara and LVP are going to a bridal shower tomorrow, so since I'll have the house to myself I'll be devoting a good chunk of the day to writing - a sneak preview of most of my forthcoming early July hiatus from the jewelry store, much of which I'll be devoting to writing work. 

Other than the writing, today was a decently accomplished day.  Got housework out of the way and a little grocery shopping too. 

Friday, the 26th, was exactly one year away from the day Tara and I will get married. I was calling it a "minus-first anniversary" but Tara thought "pre-anniversary" was better. I think either one works but "minus-first anniversary" sounds like a countdown and what else are we doing anyway but counting down the days? :)

I just proofread this and realized that in the second paragraph, I used the word "today" a second time in the first sentence, writing "today was a decently accomplished day today". Oops. Yeah, I guess I'm that tired; might as well rack. 


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