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No novel writing yesterday. Tara and I took an impromptu trip to Knobel's to dine at the restaurant there and walk around a bit; I hadn't been at that place since 1983 or '84. I had just met her at her place of employment when I got a text (SMS relay of a CNN Breaking News tweet) about Michael Jackson being rushed to the hospital, so we were on both of our BlackBerries (well, me on both mine and hers - for some reason mine had trouble connecting at first) trying to find updates. I think we were halfway to Knoebel's when I got on MSNBC's mobile site and read the confirmation. Damn. Farrah Fawcett and Sky Saxon were bad enough, but this was definitely an out of the blue shocker. 

I did do a little writing last night when I got home after ten - a blog entry about yesterday's passings for TGML. I'll have to ratchet up on the word count on the novel this weekend - do at least 2,000 then take a quick break and write at least 1,000 more words. 

Today is Tara's and my pre-anniversary, or as I like to call it, our minus-first anniversary. Whoa. TIme is flying. Yesterday, on our way to Knoebel's (in-between trying to find updates on MJ) Tara said to me, "Do you know what we'll be doing a year from today? Our rehearsal dinner." She also reminded me that the rehearsal dinner was my responsiblity. It is? I didn't know that. 

Off to get ready for the day job, so more later. 


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