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Jun. 18th, 2009

I'm a little out of sync lately. Tuesday Tara and I had an impromotu visit to Sonic. We both had extra-long coneys, regular size Frito wraps, and chili cheese tots, plus drinks. Verdict: way too much food eaten. Yikes. I weighted myself Tuesday night before bed and I'm at 220 pounds. That's at least 30 pounds more than I should be. Sonic is great but  their way-tempting food tends has really thrown off my attempts to eat healthier. 

After Sonic, we stopped at Five Below for a few minutes. Tara got herself a little wastepaper basket for her bedroom and I found a DVD of Beatles newsreel footage. Then we stopped at Barnes & Noble for awhile. I decided to add to my Haruki Murakami library (Murakami always seems to be inspiring to me as a writer) and bought Sputnik Sweetheart (I still haven't seen What I Think About When I Think About Running anywhere) and also surprised Tara with a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank that she was looking through. Then we stopped at Price Chopper as Tara needed a few things from there and called it a night. Tara made me buy an energy drink (I forget which brand) because she thought I was getting tired - small mistake. I got enough energy for driving home, but once I got inside I started to feel the crash. Nothing other than VitaminEnergy or those little 5 Hour Energy shots works like they should for me. As a result, I didn't get any writing done that night. 

Last night, LVP and I went to my cousin Jennifer's to get our hair done (mine trimmed, hers cut and colored). Got a little writing for the novel in via Moleskine while I waited for LVP to get finished. Jennifer had some stupid kids movie on that her son kept ignoring so I put my earbuds on and some MiniMoni music on shuffle. After dinner and Olbermann I transcribed that freewriting and added a little more before I started to get tired.  

Tonight I'm setting a new daily word count goal: 2,500 words a day. That'll be a good challenge. Since I DVD Olbermann anyway I should save the viewing of him until I'm in bed. 


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Jun. 20th, 2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
Sonic slushes
I alternate between cherry limeade and the occasional fruit lime slush or ocean water
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