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 Well, yeah, that's about what I'm doing at the moment. Been up for about an hour or so. 

Yesterday I wasn't sure what was going on, thinking that I'd probably be hanging out at the house, getting some writing done, or running a couple of errands for the house.  Instead, around 3:30 or 4 Tara calls and asks if I want to go "somewhere". She will not specify where when I ask her, telling me it will be a surprise. It's an excuse to hang out with my fiancee so I say why the hell not. She picks me up and asks if I'm hungry. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for me at the moment given that I'd eaten lunch a couple of hours before. We stop at a McDonalds for a tideover (Tara got fries and a drink, I just got a sweet tea). Tara then randomly mentions IMAX movies. I've never been to one so we hit Google on our Blackberries, locate the IMAX in Reading, boot up the GPS, and off we go. 

For some odd reason, the GPS gives us a route that is mostly country roads. What? This is their "fastest" route? Maybe we should have set the GPS for shortest route instead. Anyway, as we're going down these roads we pass a few sites that would have made for good pictures had we gotten out our cameras. Tara saw a grange hall I forget exactly where (but wouldn't be too hard to find if we took the same road again) that she thought would look good as the subject of a sepia-tone picture.  I wholeheardedly agree. 

We get to Reading with a good half-hour to spare. Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is the IMAX feature there. I have got to say, seeing a movie on a ceiling-to-floor screen with some badass surround sound is pretty amazing. The seats in the theatre are long-backed recliners - perfect for watching such a huge screen! Very crystal clear picture and sound - then again, this is digital technology we're dealing with here. The movie was really good - good storyline and a hilarious cameo from Oscar The Grouch and Darth Vader. Definitely made me want to go to the Smithsonian someday. I'd like to hit a couple of art museums the next time Tara and I hit New York but that's another story. 

Afterwards we start to head home but Tara wants to hit a diner and there's one she likes in the area, so she has me punch up the name "Reading Diner" in the GPS. It brings up the West Reading Diner. We get there and it's not the diner Tara was thinking of (we later find out on the way back home - on Highway 61(!!) - that Tara was thinking of the Route 61 Diner but we go anyway... after two holdups. One caused by a very heavy fucking rain, and the other 'caused by the sudden post-rain realization that we are in the wrong parking lot - we are actually in one belonging to another restaurant as we discover signs prohibiting anyone but customers of the other restaurant to park there. We drive the car the quarter-block to West Reading Diner's parking lot and go in. The diner is pretty nice, a bit retro but the booth jukeboxes run CDs (I didn't get to play any music though). Tara got spaghetti with veal and I got a cheeseurger. The food was pretty good. We got home a little after midnight and I just checked my social sites before crashing out. 


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