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I'm getting back into the writing swing - did 1,500 words for Here Is The Wonderland, meant for an earlier scene in the book. I started the idea with some longhand freewriting in my Moleskin (which is already starting to get full) until I had three and a half handwritten pages - which wasn't a wriiting goal, just where I stopped writing at the time. Then, last night after dinner, I started transcribing the start of the scene from that notebook into a fresh Word file until I had it complete. The scene awaits me sticking it into the ongoing rough draft manuscript.

This is quickly becoming a very good way to complete the manuscript -- I've already freewritten a few other scenes in the past couple of weeks, mainly in Word, and they've come out very well. When you have a manuscript that is rapidly approaching 270 single-spaced pages, having a fresh separate Word file and then copy-and-pasting the completed scene into the manuscript is a lot easier than just looking for a space to fill in the manuscript itself and then trying to write. All I need to do is keep up this kind of creative schedule, trying to ramp up the word count as I go along if at all possible, and I should have this first draft finished sooner than I thought. 

I was looking back at some of the other entries on here that I have tagged with regard to writing. There's still a couple of other projects (mostly shorts/novellas) that could stand to be finished too, but this novel is top priority on my writing table. The music blog should be a close second. 


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