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This is about all I can really remember. Everything else is either a blur or not very memorable. Like Joe Strummer said once when he was writing about the Clash's first American tour for one of the British music weeklies, "I only ever remember the very good days or the very bad days, so this day must have been just OK."

Sunday Tara and I took a bit of an impromptu road trip. I called her about 11 and she didn't think I could get ready to be picked up by her in an hour so I took her up on it. Got showered and dressed with at least 10 or so minutes to spare. We went to the Pocono Bazaar in Marshall's Creek, PA, a place I'd been with Tara only one other time before a couple of years ago... when it was January! Not the smartest move there. This time around it was much warmer compared to that day but it was still cold enough to require a coat 'cause of some unseasonably cold winds. We looked around for awhile and I picked up a book about Watergate called In Nixon's Web for about eight bucks, and bought Tara an "I Love You" charm for her Italian link bracelet. 

Afterwards Tara suggested that since we were right near the New Jersey border, we should look for an IHOP there. We ended up at one in Hackettstown, NJ. This was a rather tiny IHOP, I thought - built/remodeled into the one end of a strip mall. The place was nice and the food was good but about six feet away from us was a group of about 12 people seated at three tables pushed together, with the adults talking loud and their kids (all between, I'd say, 8 and 14 years old) frequently getting up out of their seats and jumping or wandering around. Their out-of-hand behavior is bad enough in and of itself, but it was doubly bad in my opinion because these kids were dressed in martial arts academy robes! The last time I checked - and one of my lifelong friends runs a karate school and I've done a couple of videos for them in the past, so I know - martial arts academies were supposed to teach kids discipline and respect, and these kids were anything but! 

I should mention as a side note that on the way over to this IHOP, Tara and I were half-joking about either looking for a White Castle, or going for the Staten Island Ferry so that we could eat at S'mac! Oh man, S'mac would be pretty good right about now! 

Last night LVP and I were trying to roast a chicken, and while we succeeded it took at least an hour longer than we anticipated, so we didn't get to finish eating until after 8! Around 9, I'm about to go put my car in the garage and I'm heading for my front door when Tara calls to tell me she was outside. I look and there she is in her car. I approach and she opens the window and hands me a plastic bag. In the bag is a plastic bottle of Kellogg's Eggo Butter Pecan syrup. This is because ever since we've been going to iHOP, I have been raving about their butter pecan syrup and Tara is often like, "Why don't you get some?" Well, now I do! She then says, "Here's part two" and hands me a big sideways brown paper bag. In the bag is a full tray of Revello's Pizza - she'd gone there that evening with her mother and sent me a pic of the tray they were indulging in via Blackberry Messenger, and when I responded with "Mmmmm...", Tara apparently decided to order me a tray out of the blue and bring it over. Whoa. Thank you, Tara - love you much :) Anyway, since I'd already (unfortunately!) eaten, I decided to wrap all of this pizza - 12 cuts - in foil and then in Ziploc bags, and brought it with me to the store for lunch. A few minutes in the toaster oven (once I'd figured out how to operate our particular model) and you would have thought it had just come out of Revello's kitchen! Excellent. Revello's is rather addictive pizza - so addictive, I should mention, that when Hillary Clinton was coming through here before the Presidential primary, she made it a point to stop for a tray (Her father was from the area - so is V.P. Joe Biden, BTW, but I don't know his opinion on Old Forge pizza). I ended up eating half the tray this afternoon by the way, and am only now starting to feel hungry again! Thoughts of S'mac may have me end up making some mac and cheese after I hit send on this - one night a couple of weeks ago I was craving Kraft Mac and Cheese, and must have reminded myself of this when I was at Wegman's the other day as I picked up two boxes while doing the rest of the grocery shopping. Heck with it, I'm gonna go make some right now! 


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